Raising scholarship funds for institutions of higher learning.
Providing training for students pursuing a career in the Hospitality Industry.

Our History

The Partridge Club was formed in 1935 at the Victoria Hotel in New York City. The membership was made up of leading purveyors to the hotel, club and restaurant trade. Charter President was Henry G. Duvernoy and Charter Secretary-Treasurer was Arthur Simmons.

In the early Forties, a few dissatisfied members left and formed the Invitation Club.

Things went well for both Clubs until the crackdown on business expenses during the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson (1963-1969). Membership declined in both Clubs and committees were formed to explore the possibilities of a merger. After much dickering and negotiating, the merger was implemented in 1967.

The deal was the Invitation Club would have its President become the first President, if the Partridge name preceded the Invitation name. Thus, the name Partridge-Invitation Club of New York, Inc.

A scholarship program was established and it grew so fast that in 1988 the Club’s name was changed to the Partridge-Invitation Scholarship Foundation, Inc., to better describe its mission.

We are a registered charitable organization. All contributions are tax deductible.